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River Holme Catchment – Making a Difference

Between 2017 and 2020, the charity River 2015, known publicly as River Holme Connections, received funding from Cobbett Environmental Ltd through the Landfill Communities Fund. Please click here to read the full report.

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Take a walk with me…

During the Coronavirus pandemic Sue one of our longstanding volunteers filmed some of her allowed daily exercise walks.  Sue has kindly shared this footage for everyone to enjoy particularly during these difficult times.  From babbling… continue reading

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Garden Adventurers Lily and Harry

Garden Adventurers Lily and Harry’s step-by-step guide to sowing seeds .    

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How to help our rivers… INNS out!

Healthy, well-cared for rivers provide food, shelter and a breeding ground for invertebrates, fish and mammals. In turn, they provide food for larger animals, which is all vital for a healthy, functioning ecosystem. In our… continue reading

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What’s flying tonight?

There are over 2500 different moths in Britain, roughly 800 macro [larger] and the remainder micro [smaller]. Of these about 1950 species have been recorded in Yorkshire. People often ask the difference between a moth… continue reading

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Tributaries of the River Holme – Digley Brook (a blog by David Allsopp)

This February saw some of the heaviest rainfall on record nationally, and we’ve seen plenty of examples locally of how water finds its way down through the River Holme catchment in apparently new and previously… continue reading

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Annual Report 2019

Our latest annual report, detailing our work and funding in 2019 is now available. Click on the picture below to download a pdf of our Annual Report 2019.

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Coronavirus Emergency Fund for Kirklees (organisations only)

One Community Foundation would like to share the following message with all local organisations.   One Community Foundation understands the impact that the Coronavirus will have upon communities; personally, financially and in their capacity to… continue reading

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A Year in Industry Placement Opportunity

We are excited to be able to offer a “Year in industry” placement this summer!  The student will be able to get involved in a wide range of river work such as species monitoring projects,… continue reading

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It’s all in a name…

One of River Holme Connections major projects during last year was to improve the footpath at Bottoms Mill, Holmbridge; a much loved area for walkers and steeped in industrial history.  But what’s in a name?…… continue reading