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Ramsden Clough Walk (courtesy of Holmfirth Hikes)

Monkey Nick On the Ordnance Survey maps the big Clough which cuts deep into the moors above Ramsden Reservoir is called Ramsden Clough, but to locals it’s known as Monkey Nick. There’s a fading story… continue reading

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Celebrating 5-years

In November 2020, we celebrated our 5-year anniversary at River Holme Connections and took the opportunity to look back at everything the team and volunteers have achieved in that time. We put together a short… continue reading

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Wildflower Growing on the Holme

Seed collection Over Spring and Summer of 2020, RHC staff and volunteers harvested wildflower seeds from sites along the river. We collected seeds from Bluebell, Red campion, Greater wood-rush, Pendulous sedge, Wood avens and Hedge… continue reading

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It’s Acorn-Growing Season!

Acorn-growing Native oaks support more insect species than any other tree. They can live for a very long time and provide a range of habitats for plants and animals even after they die. You can… continue reading

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Can you think of a snappy name for our new mascot?

Whilst treating Japanese knotweed on the River Holme last week, Simon and Ella discovered a different type of invasive species… a blow-up crocodile marooned on a rock. We decided to take it home, clean it… continue reading

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Thongsbridge Wild Space

River Holme Connections is creating a new Wild Space at Thongsbridge Rec.   Thongsbridge Wild Space will create a destination to be around nature. It will be perfect for walking, picnicking, botany, bird watching, foraging… continue reading

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Bog garden completes transformation of Sands Recreation Ground

Transforming Sands Recreation Ground The creation of a bog garden at Sands Recreation Ground, Holmfirth, marks the end of our 3-year project – costing in excess of £25,000 – to renovate this popular green space…. continue reading

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Caring for our rivers at home

Play your part and care for our rivers We all have a part to play in helping to keep our rivers clean and healthy by: Using less water Only letting rain go down the drain… continue reading

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A fond farewell to Mike

Today, we sadly bid Professor Mike Bowman a fond farewell.  Mike was one of the founder member trustees of the charity in 2015 and he will be sorely missed! Mike’s message to everyone…”I will be… continue reading

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Enjoy a virtual wildflower walk

In July 2020, we were looking forward to a wildflower walk and walk along the beautiful meadows at Magdale, Honley, to be led by Peter and colleagues from South-West Yorkshire Botany Group.  Unfortunately, due to… continue reading