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Woodland Creation

Author: Michelle King
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Mike & Cathie own an acre of land and they got in touch with River Holme Connections as they wanted to create a new native woodland.

How did you hear about River Holme Connections?

Through a neighbour.  It all started when a tree fell down on the land behind our house and this led us to investigate this land and we ended up buying it!

Once you got in touch with River Holme Connections, what was the process?

It was a very easy process from start to finish!  Simon came out to conduct a survey to assess the area of land and explained what work could be done.  The whole process was made very easy and everything was clearly explained to us.

What work was undertaken?

Planting work was undertaken in early March 2023 to create a new broad-leaved woodland.

Some land was cleared of 6ft nettles and brambles and opened up to reveal some young oak trees that were hidden amongst all the scrub, that we hadn’t realised were there!

320 native trees were then planted which included hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel, downy birch, silver birch, rowan and sessile oak.

Some areas of brambles and nettles were left for wildlife.

Tree guards were put around the trees to protect them from mammal browsing and enhance tree growth.  The tree guards will be removed after about 5 years.

We signed an agreement to confirm that the trees will remain at the site for a minimum term of 15 years.

How long did the work take to complete?

The work was carried out over two days. Two members of staff and approximately 10 volunteers worked from 9am – 1pm over two days.  Everyone was self-sufficient and worked really hard to complete the task. The work was funded through the White Rose Forest.

Is there any maintenance work required?

The area around the new trees was sprayed by the River Holme Connections Team and our gardener clears a build-up of vegetation around the tree bases if and when required.

What wildlife have you seen since the work has been completed?

Once the land was opened up, an amazing display of bluebells appeared.

We have seen a variety of wildlife visiting including deer, hedgehogs, birds and insect life.

We have planted a few fruit trees ourselves.

Was there a cost for the work?

No, the work was 100% funded by the White Rose Forest “Trees for climate” programme.

Would you recommend the work of River Holme Connections?

Yes! The process was made so easy from start to finish. The River Holme Connections team were so  approachable, friendly and helpful.


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