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Wild Trout Trust – Trout in the Town Award

Author: Jane Skilling
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We have been awarded a bronze level accreditation by the Wild Trout Trust.

This has been awarded for the wide range of work that River Holme Connections has carried out in the Holme Valley to improve biodiversity, tackle invasive non-native species, clean up green spaces, educate people about the importance of river ecosystems and improve recreational opportunities for the whole community.

Dr Paul Gaskell, Wild Trout Trust “Trout in the Town” project manager explains:

“I’m delighted after working with so many of the people responsible for River Holme Connections for several years to be able to formally recognise their achievements. Perhaps even more importantly, I’m delighted to acknowledge their contributions to the growing movement towards protecting and improving urban, post-industrial rivers throughout England. In this way, their achievements for the River Holme are inspiring similarly positive impacts at a national as well as a local level”

Charles Rangeley-Wilson, Vice president of the Wild Trout Trust adds:

“Clean rivers and wild trout in our towns and cities are a wonderful affirmation of hope, and that we can build a world where there’s room for both people and nature”.

Simon Hirst, River Steward at River Holme Connections adds: “We are delighted to receive this accreditation from the Wild Trout Trust, and it`s down to all the hard work of our amazing volunteers who work tirelessly to improve the River Holme. Our next goal is silver accreditation”.


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