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Thongsbridge Wild Space

Author: Year in Industry Student Placement
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River Holme Connections is creating a new Wild Space at Thongsbridge Rec.


Thongsbridge Wild Space will create a destination to be around nature. It will be perfect for walking, picnicking, botany, bird watching, foraging and traditional skills (carving, coppicing, willow weaving). We will add paths to allow easy access for wheelchair and buggy users so they can use the space and enjoy abundant wildlife. We will also create new woodland and wildflower meadows to attract a variety of butterflies, moths and other critters to watch and identify. Thongsbridge Wild Space will be a brilliant resource for local schools as a forest learning area.


The project will help the environment by creating a wildflower meadow and woodland wildflower bed that will increase biodiversity. We will also plant 210 trees to create a diverse woodland. This woodland will combat climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air. The trees are being donated by the Woodland Trust, who are supporting our project by providing trees for free! The trees planted in the woodland will be ‘working wood’ species, perfect for learning skills like carving and coppicing. The wildflowers chosen for the meadows will all be local species. These include red campion, knapweed, yarrow, meadow buttercup, yellow rattle, garlic mustard and wood avens. The working wood trees include Silver birch, Wild cherry, Common Oak, Rowan, Common Hazel, and Field Maple.


The natural beauty of Thongsbridge Wild Space will also attract artists and local people to take inspiration from the landscape created by this project. By developing this community space, we can maintain a sense of heritage for the land through open access. We can also encourage historical crafts such as coppicing.


The project will create a quiet and aesthetically pleasing space that is accessible for all, with an enjoyable picnic space for families and friends.


Visit the Thongsbridge Wild Space project page for more information and to support our crowdfunding campaign.

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