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Meet the star of The Yorkshire Vet – and our new Ambassador!

Author: Jeanette Dyson
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We’re delighted to announce that Shona Searson, star of Channel 5’s, The Yorkshire Vet, is our new Ambassador. Shona is committed to helping us spread the message about how important our river systems are for life.

Shona recently joined us on our Third Saturday Work Party to see our team and volunteers in action at Crown Bottom, Holmfirth. It gave her the opportunity to see how we’ve improved the area by restoring the riverbank and pathways, installing seating, information boards and lighting, and planting native shrubs and plants to help with flood management.

Shona said: “I’m excited to be involved with River Holme Connections and it was great to see the work they’re involved in. Clean, healthy streams and rivers not only provide water for drinking, but they’re also a breeding ground for invertebrates, which are the building blocks for our food chain. It’s so important that we look after our rivers, not just now but in the future.”

Reaching new audiences

Chair, Adrian Barraclough, said: “Having Shona on the team is fantastic for our Charity. We’ve achieved a great deal over the past six years, and we want to keep the momentum going. Shona grew up in Meltham, playing by the river. Having her on our team will help us to reach more people, especially younger people.

“Our aim is to improve the river environment for wildlife and people, and we know that Shona shares our values around conservation and improving the river environment, so it’s a great match.”

Educating the next generation

Shona admits that she’s very interested in how we’re working with schools and young people to ensure future generations understand why we need to look after our rivers, saying:

“The education side of River Holme Connections’ work is something that I’m really passionate about. Many young people are growing up in towns and cities, and have a real disconnect with the natural world. I know how hard River Holme Connections is working to bring river life into schools and to take school children out into the countryside.

“There’s an epidemic of anxiety and depression sweeping through schools. Yet studies show that spending time outdoors and connecting with nature improves both mental and physical wellbeing. Being involved with a charity that is giving young people practical opportunities to get out and about, explore the natural world and learn about what it has to offer is so exciting.”

Catch Shona in the latest series of The Yorkshire Vet on Channel 5, Tuesday evening 8-9pm.

Clearing and cleaning the River Holme at Crown Bottom. Thank you to all our amazing volunteers who joined in on the day.



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