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River Stewardship Scheme

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Healthy rivers are vital for healthy ecosystems. Rivers provide food and shelter for wildlife, which is under increasing threat from pollution, habitat loss and climate change. That’s why it’s more important than ever before to care for and protect our rivers.

Through our River Stewardship Scheme, our charity can improve and look after riverside areas on behalf of home and business owners. Our menu of services ranges from Japanese knotweed management and wildlife habitat improvement to river clean-ups and tree planting.

Cost of services: depending on the work required, we ask homeowners to make a donation. Ongoing contracts are available for businesses or larger riverside areas (depending on requirements).


If your home or business property is on the river, you can benefit from our River Stewardship Scheme. Our team can work with you to create and maintain a healthy riverside area.

We can tidy vegetation, remove litter, control invasive species and offer a range of other services through our River Stewardship Scheme that will keep your section of the river healthy and looking good. After all, we all need to work together to care for and protect our rivers.

Benefits of our River Stewardship scheme:

  • Create a better environment for river-dwelling wildlife.
  • Reclaim your land, with a pleasant, relaxing outdoor space.
  • Control invasive species and introduce native plants
  • Licenced operators who can control potentially  damaging, Japanese knotweed.
  • Learn practical ways to improve your river environment.

River Stewardship Scheme services at a glance

  • River and riverside clean-ups.
  • Assessment of surface water drains and drain marking.
  • Invasive plant species control, including Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam and giant hogweed.
  • Wildflower planting.
  • Tree and hedge planting.
  • Small-scale tree management work.
  • River wildlife habitat improvements.
  • Bird and bat box installation.

How our River Stewardship scheme works

Small to medium-sized residential properties:

In return for a donation our River Steward  and support team will carry out agreed work on your riverside property.

Businesses and large residential riverside areas:

For larger riverside properties, including commercial premises, we agree a contract for specified improvements and/or regular maintenance services.

Interested? Contact us or click here to download our River Stewardship Scheme leaflet.