Project - River Holme Connections

Bottoms Mill



Bottoms Mill, on the outskirts of Hinchcliffe Mill, is an area of historical and environmental interest. The old mill is home to several businesses and the mill pond supports a wealth of wildlife. To encourage more people to access the area safely and reconnect with nature, we resurfaced the path and installed gates and information boards.


To our funding partners and the hard work and dedication of our amazing volunteers. The Bottoms Mill project was funded by Cobbett Environmental Ltd through the Landfill Communities Fund.

The information boards were funded by The Longley Farm Fund through One Community Foundation.


Originally built in the 1820s, Bottoms Mill is one of Holme Valley’s oldest mills. The iconic, 150ft red chimney was added in 1911 and acts as a landmark to this day.

The mill relied on water from the River Holme, which was channelled via a narrow watercourse, known as a goit, into the Bottoms Mill pond. Today, the mill pond and goit remain as a haven for wildlife.

Our vision

Bottoms Mill is a hidden gem, with a footpath that runs alongside the river and around the mill pond, which is fished by Slaithwaite District Angling Club. Unfortunately, the public footpath was very uneven, often muddy and in wet weather, almost impassable.

To achieve our vision to let more people know about this amazing outdoor space and encourage them to visit and reconnect with nature, improvements were needed. We wanted people to be able to use the path safely, but without disturbing the native wildlife that lives on or near the riverbank. We also wanted them to know more about Bottoms Mill and its rich history and wildlife.

Our work

In 2018, with funding from Cobbett Environmental Ltd, through the Landfill Trust, we began our improvement project costing in excess of £30,000.

In 2019, the path was resurfaced using local stone. Architectural entrance gates and a frame to hold interpretation boards, were commissioned.

Thanks to funding from The Longley Farm Fund, through One Community Foundation, 3 interpretation boards – with information on the history, farming and wildlife at Bottoms Mill – were designed.

Together with volunteers, partners and supporters, Bottoms Mill now has improved footpaths giving more people the opportunity to enjoy the River Holme.

Still to complete:

The gates and noticeboard are expected to be installed at Bottoms Mill during the summer of 2019.