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Our Holme Festival: A body in the river

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22/10/2019 2:30 pm 3:30 pm


Learning Centre, Heritage Quay,
University of Huddersfield,


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A body in the river: the new science of forensic hydrology

by Professor Carolyn Roberts, Professor Emerita of Environment, and Fellow, Gresham College, London

Bodies of murder victims – whole or in pieces – often end up in rivers or canals.

Professor Carolyn Roberts works as an Expert Witness with UK police forces, applying the principles of hydrology to murder investigations.

In these tragic and gruesome settings, understanding the science of rivers and meteorology can help to identify where bodies have come from, or disappeared to.

Drawing on macabre and fascinating case studies from across the UK and beyond, Professor Roberts’ lecture takes you into the world of forensic hydrology. From specific cases to the general principles of tracing bodies, you’ll discover how the science of this emerging discipline, can assist and support the law.

Probably not for those of a nervous disposition, but of guaranteed interest to the curious.

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More about our speaker

Professor Carolyn Roberts, Professor Emerita of Environment, and Fellow, Gresham College, London

Professor Carolyn Roberts is an environmental scientist with longstanding water and environment interests. She was the first Professor of the Environment at Gresham College, London, where Sir Christopher Wren and scientist James Hooke held professorships.

Earlier in her career, Professor Roberts directed the Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network at the University of Oxford, and was Chair of the Society for the Environment. Carolyn is a Vice President of the UK Institution of Environmental Sciences, and frequently represents the UK government internationally, promoting the country’s expertise in environmental science and technology.

Today, Professor Roberts, work focuses mainly on the likely future impact of residential, industrial and waste developments on the water environment. Her forensic hydrology work, has led to some gruesome but fascinating projects with the police, tracking the bodies of murder victims floating down rivers.