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In January 2021, we received a funding award from the Yorkshire Water Community Benefit Fund to raise awareness of pollution from a number of sources within the River Holme catchment area.

This three year project will involve carrying out two River Holme catchment wide campaigns: Green Waste and “Only Rain Down the Drain”.  These campaigns, through leaflets and publicity, will raise awareness of water pollution from green waste and contaminated surface water.  We will also run monthly community action days including tree planting and river clean-ups.

Project cost: £31,400 (spread over the 3 year project)


In 2019, a catchment wide river walkover survey was completed and areas where pollution was identified as a problem were highlighted.  The River Holme catchment suffers from pollution from a number of sources such as green waste and pollution from fats, oils, greases, detergents (from car washing) and DIY materials (such as paints).  These polluting materials are often disposed of in surface water drains and green waste is tipped directly onto the river banks.

Both the Green Waste and Only Rain Down the Drain campaigns will raise awareness of the issues surrounding the pollutions and highlight ways to tackle the issues such as composting and correct disposal of fats and paints.

Click here for the Green Waste leaflet.