Project - River Holme Connections

Spa Wood



Spa Wood, in Lockwood, is a hidden oasis on the outskirts of Huddersfield town centre. Part of the Riverside Way, a footpath runs through Spa Wood alongside the River Holme to King’s Bridge near the confluence of the River Holme and River Colne. In recent years the path had become overgrown, non-native species were taking hold and fly tipping blighted this natural area.

With help and support from volunteers, local community groups and Kirklees Council, the area was cleared of litter and invasive species. New signposts were installed at either end of the path, and the seating areas were refurbished and railings added.


The project would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and CSR partners, LV= and Cummins Turbo Technologies. Thanks also to our funding partners, community organisations, including Greenstreams and Newsome Forum, and Kirklees Council, who removed much of the fly tipping. The Spa Wood project was funded by Cobbett Environmental Ltd through the Landfill Communities Fund.


Spa Wood is a wildlife-rich riverside woodland and walkway leading from Lockwood Scar to King’s Bridge on the outskirts of Huddersfield town centre. The path passes the confluence of the Colne and Holme and continues to Snow Island at Aspley on the edge of Huddersfield town centre.

Fly tipping, misuse and unintentional neglect resulted in Spa Wood becoming an overgrown and, at times, unsociable area.

We consulted with local people and community groups, asking them what they would like to see at Spa Wood and how they wanted to use the wood. There was a clear desire to see Spa Wood cleaned up, the seating areas improved and railings added for safety.

Our vision

We wanted to create an inviting environment that would encourage more people to use Spa Wood for leisure, recreation and relaxation. We also wanted to let more people know about the path through Spa Wood, which can be used as a safe, traffic-free path for commuting from Lockwood into Huddersfield town centre.

Our work

In 2018, with funding from Cobbett Environmental Ltd, through the Landfill Trust, we began our improvement project costing in excess of £25,000.

Tonnes of rubbish and litter were cleared from the wood thanks to our volunteers and colleagues from Cummins Turbo Technologies and LV= working with us as part of their CSR programme. Fly tipped rubbish in more difficult to access areas was cleared by Kirklees Council.

We cleared the path of overgrown vegetation and removed invasive Himalayan balsam. Japanese knotweed was treated by our trained specialist. The two seating areas were completely refurbished and railings added to increase safety. At either end of the Spa Wood path, vegetation was cleared from around the way markers and a plinth, with architectural gates installed to make the entrances more visible.

In October 2018, we hosted a River Explorer Day for families. As well as letting more people know about Spa Wood, the event gave young people an opportunity to learn more about the river and the wildlife it supports.

Together with volunteers, partners and supporters, Bottoms Mill now has improved footpaths giving more people the opportunity to enjoy the River Holme.