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Help us to make volunteering better for you

Author: Jeanette Dyson
Categories: Volunteers

Our amazing volunteers are a vital part of our charity. It’s thanks to their help and dedication that we’re making a difference to the River Holme catchment: improving the river environment and making it better for people and for wildlife.

Your voice matters

We want to understand our volunteers a little bit better. We want to know more about your experience of volunteering with us. What do you enjoy? What can we do better? And is there anything else you’d like to get involved with?

We’d be grateful if you could spare 10 minutes or so to download and complete our volunteer feedback form as openly and honestly as you can. The feedback will be used to improve our volunteering offer for you and our future volunteers. 

If you’ve already completed our volunteer feedback form, thank you!

How to return your completed form

Please email your completed form to or post to: River Holme Connections, Unit 4, 13-15 Westgate, Concord Street, Honley, Holmfirth HD9 6AA

Thank you for helping us to make volunteering with River Holme Connections a better experience for all!

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