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The Riverside Way Walk (Lockwood to Magdale section)

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11/06/2023 10:30 am 11/06/2023 1:30 pm


Meet Jane at the entrance to the Riverside Way (almost opposite the Scar Cafe), Lockwood Scar, Lockwood, Huddersfield HD4 6ER.


This event is free to attend.

More Details:

Join us for a linear walk (with circular option) to explore the Riverside Way route from Lockwood to Magdale, Honley.  We will meet at the entrance to the Riverside Way (nearly opposite the Scar Café, Lockwood Scar, Huddersfield HD4 6ER).  From Lockwood we follow the new orange Dipper way markers for the Riverside Way route south along the Meltham Road.  Here RHC volunteer Christine and the Ramblers will join us.  

This is a linear walk from Lockwood to Magdale, Honley and is approximately 5km in distance and will take about 1 hr 25 mins to walk.  Walkers can either leave the walk at Magdale for good transport links from Honley railway station and bus links from Huddersfield Road, Honley.  The walk continues by retracing the path back to Lockwood.  The complete walk is approximately 10km and will take about 3 hours to walk.  This is excluding any breaks.

Note: this walk is uneven and steep in some sections and will involve some on/off pavement walking.

Christine and the Ramblers will leave us at Magdale and continue on a circular walk through Spring Wood, Netherton and along Meltham Road back to the railway station.  The circular walk will be approximately 11km and 3hrs 30 mins to walk.

The Riverside Way is a linear path from Digley to Snow Island, Huddersfield and takes in sections of the River Holme along the route.  Over the last 12 months River Holme Connections has carried out improvement works along sections of this pathway for all to enjoy.  A second walk arranged for 10th September 2023 will explore the Digley to Magdale route; everyone is welcome to come along.  The route also continues from Lockwood to Snow Island, Huddersfield and a map of this can be found on our website.  The map contains a wealth of surprising information about the area!