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Enjoy a virtual wildflower walk

Author: Jane Skilling
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In July 2020, we were looking forward to a wildflower walk and walk along the beautiful meadows at Magdale, Honley, to be led by Peter and colleagues from South-West Yorkshire Botany Group.  Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 this had to be postponed.  As we wanted everyone wherever they were to also enjoy the magnificent wildflowers along this route our volunteers stepped up and produced a virtual wildflower walk.

A huge thank you to Sue our volunteer who compiled the video, Stuart who provided the drone footage, and Peter and Kay from South-West Yorkshire Botany Group for identifying the plant species and providing photos of the flowers towards the end of the video.  Also, thank you to One Community Thornton Family Fund for supporting this work.

We really hope to provide an actual wildflower walk and talk in 2021 for everyone to enjoy.  Fingers-crossed!

And here it is in all its glory, take a moment to enjoy…

Click on this link or the photo to start playing.




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